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Malvern Court

Renovation of apartment in mansion block, South Kensington

Before the apartment was a maze of small rooms with bedrooms interspersed with living areas, there was no cohesion or sense to the plan. The refurbishment has opened up the space and has created interesting vistas through the apartment, the open living area is zoned but feels like a much bigger apartment. The plan has been rationalised and maximised and there is a clear distinction between the private and entertaining areas.

The key success of the apartment was the drastic changes to the plan but what makes it stand out is the quality of the materials and the detailing. This is a luxurious and bespoke apartment to reflect the personality of the client. It is calm and controlled in design and colour pallet whilst being extravagant in the use of materials from the tactile leather floor, desk and walls of the study to the gold and platinum tiles in the bathrooms or the earthy stone of the kitchen to the gilded metal panels.