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York Buildings

Grade II listed London terrace house c. 1674

Grade II listed London terrace house c. 1674 was a run-down shell of a property that had over the years been much abused through conversions to office from residential house and back again. The client brief was for a beautifully sophisticated grown up family home. The plan was revised to achieve the number of bedrooms, en suites and receptions rooms required for the owner to live and entertain in comfort. The property is listed so great care was taken to restore and where necessary replicate details such as cornicing and skirtings to remain faithful to the original design.

The use of materials as well as light and shade are key to this design. The sauna in the vaulted relaxation room is tiled with beautifully coloured glass tiles that makes the space feel soothing but dynamic. The hallway has soft suede finish above the panelling which makes the space feel warm and tactile. The master bathroom is full of drama with the dark tiles and the nod to tradition with the brass bath and marble washstand.

As you ascend the property the colour scheme lightens, from darkness and brooding atmosphere in the basement to the light and airy feeling on the top floor, the effect of which means as the floor plan actually reduces you do not feel a loss of space but a sense of calm and tranquillity.

The design success comes down to a good working relationship with the client who was clear with the brief and trusted their design team. One room in particular is a lot of fun as it works well as a guest bedroom and as a gym. The requirement for storage to satisfy both functions means every millimetre of each wall is made into useable built-in storage.